Our Technology

Intraoral Camera

An educational tool to help the patient understand the conditions of their mouth and aid in discussing treatment that they need. It is a piece of technology that we have to serve our patients at a much higher level.

Digital X-rays

With computer technology, digital radiography has become a much more efficient, cost effective, and an even safer method of producing diagnostic images. The results are within seconds, and the image can also be easily resized to enlarge hard-to-see potential issues without distorting or degrading the quality of the image. The Dexis sensor is award winning in comfort and perfect-size design.
Better clarity and contrast gives more accurate diagnosis that means better carefor our patients.

Portable X-rays

Handheld x-ray devices offer advantages including portability and flexibility in patient care. The patient may feel less intimidated about x-rays if the operator stays in the room instead of running out to stand behind a wall during exposure.

The ability to stay in the room makes it ideal for use with any patient who has difficulty with x-rays, including pediatric, geriatric, special needs, or fearful patients. The freedom to position portable devices at any angle makes it possible to take x-rays while the patient is reclined or sitting upright.

Diode Laser

A Diode Laser is a versatile and efficient solution for doing surgery, giving pain relief and whitening teeth. The Biolase Epic Diode Laser create whiter smiles faster giving dramatic results in less time compared to In-office whitening lamps.
It is cleared for temporary relief of minor pain, including pain associated with TMJ or other thermomandibular disorders. It also eliminates the scalpel , bleeding and sutures in performing soft tissue surgical procedures.

Rotary Endodontics

A motorized handpiece is a special instrument designed to clean and shape root
canals by driving files with precision.
Also comes with a cordless electronic device used to determine the position of the
root canal tip. This technology provides more reliability and speed to root canal